Kyle R. Knight 3D Artist / Digital Graphics

I am a 3D artist experienced in various 3D fields including game environments (both biome and fixture), technical illustration, mechanical animation, forensic reenactment, and architectural rendering.

I am interested in doing things better - clean, functional design, responsive layouts, and usability. I am organized, detail oriented, and can work well either independently or as part of a team.

- Kyle

About The Artist

A graduate of the Art Institute, Kyle's passion for 3D modeling can be seen in his dedication to his field and his attention to detail. He draws on seventeen years of 3D modeling and animation experience to create unique and striking 3D digital presentations.

  • Architectural visualization
  • Flight simulations
  • Pilot and maintenance training software videos
  • Forensic reconstruction
  • Animated presentations
  • Environmental and Fixture artist for Games

Please contact Kyle for more information.

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